NFL Playoff Picks Baltimore Ravens v/s Kansas City Chiefs


The Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens match-up is an interesting one, as both teams match up in some aspects differently and others much the same. When betting on a game like this one, where we find both teams are capable of making big offensive gains or forcing critical defensive turnovers, consistency will be the most effective decider.

In terms of consistency Baltimore may have the upper-hand, as they’ve won more games (12-4) than Kansas City (10-6). Team records from the regular season are often irrelevant once the playoffs are underway, but in this case records provide punters with insight as to how each team has faired against other opponents in like situations.

Kansas City has lost to 6 teams this year, 5 of those 6 teams ended up missing the playoffs, whereas Baltimore lost 4 times and only 1 team they failed against missed the playoffs. This shows that Kansas City has lost a larger amount of games to inferior opponents. The edge here has to go to Baltimore.

Statistics are also vital when betting on a match up like this. On offense Kansas City enters the playoffs ranked 1st and 30th in rushing and passing offense, their defense ends up ranked 14th and 17th in rush and pass defense. Baltimore ends the season ranked 14th and 20th in rush and pass offense, and the defense ranks in at 5th and 21st for rush and pass defense.

With these stats alone it can be determined that Kansas City has a run first mentality, it should be interesting to see how it matches up with Baltimore’s 5th ranked run defense.

Overall the edge should go to Baltimore, mainly due to having the more balanced offense. Kansas City ranks 1st and 30th in rush and pass offense, being that unbalanced could end up hurting them if the Baltimore defense shuts down either part of the offense forcing Kansas to become a one dimensional.

The current Spread offered by is KC +3. The over/under line is at 41.

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