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UFC Odds at BetUS

BetUS.com has been a premier destination of online sports betting enthusiasts in the United States for many years running. BetUS focuses on all major sporting events, including UFC and MMA bets. This article will cover all aspects of betting on the UFC at BetUS.com.

As a leading online sportsbook, BetUS.com offers some of the most competitive UFC betting odds in the business. What you won’t find, however, is a range of proposition bets on UFC fighting matches. Betting on the UFC at BetUS.com is restricted to straight money-line bets and futures on UFC matches that have yet to be announced.

Betting UFC Odds at BetUS.com includes the following ways to bet on MMA:

  • Money-Line Bets
  • UC Futures

Betting on the UFC at BetUS.com – Money-Line Bets

A money-line bet is a simple, straight bet on who will win an upcoming match in a UFC fight. It doesn’t matter how a fighter wins. Whether the match lasts 5 seconds or 5 full rounds; if a fighter taps out in the first or wins by split decision; if the referee or doctor’s call an end to the fighter due to injury or any other in-game reason; so long as the fighter you choose to win gets the mark in his the “Win” column of his record book, you win the bet.

Betting on the UFC at BetUS.com – UFC Futures

UFC futures are straight money-line UFC bets on the winner of an upcoming proposed UFC event. They are considered futures bets because though the schedule has been released, it is not necessarily set in stone. For example, in August you can bet on a UFC match scheduled for December. This is a UFC futures bet.

Georges St. Pierre is expected to face off against Josh Koscheck at UFC 123, December 11, 2010. At the time of writing this, BetUS.com considers this a UFC futures bet because it is several months into the future. The roster may change, a fighter may get injured, anything could happen to prevent these two UFC fighters from participating in the scheduled bout.

Canceled UFC Bets at BetUS.com

When betting on the UFC at BetUS.com, should a fight be called off before it begins, the bet is void. The bettor’s wager is returned in full. Whether it be an injury, a rescheduling condition or any other circumstance that prevents the fight from taking place, the bet results in “no action”.

Betting on the UFC at BetUS.com

Although the range of bets is limited, the competitive money-line odds supplied when betting on the UFC at BetUS.com give punters plenty of opportunity to cash in on their love of mixed martial arts competition.

All Ultimate Fight Championship major events are covered by BetUS.com, including everything from preliminaries to main events in numbered UFC contests (i.e. UFC 117, 118, 119, etc.), as well as UFC Fight Night seasons.

Sports bettors will also find BetUS.com to present MMA betting opportunities on other mixed martial arts events, such as World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) money-lines and futures.