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UFC Odds at Bodog

The term “Bodog Fight” has been synonymous with online sports betting on mixed martial arts events since the mid 1990’s, when Bodog.com helped to found the online sportsbook industry. As such, you can be sure that betting on the UFC at Bodog is going to present not only some of the most competitive odds in the business, but plenty of versatile wagering opportunities as well.

Bodog.com was one of the first online sports betting sites, and remains a favorite among North American punters. Bodog lists its numerous UFC bets under the sporting category “MMA”, usually offering both Money-Lines (straight bets) and prop bets on UFC match-ups.

Bodog’s UFC bets will only up if there is action between both fighters against one another. If for any reason the two fighters do not face off, it is considered a “no action”. In the case of major bouts and main events, such as the UFC 117 Main Event featuring Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen, so long as the match-up takes place within a designated amount of time, the action will still be valid.

In this particular scenario, Silva and Sonnen were required to face off in a UFC fight before the end of 2010. The same goes for the incredible match-up between the UFC’s oldest legend, Randy Couture, and pro boxing marvel James Toney (this being his very first UFC/MMA fight at the ripe age of 43). If these two did not have their UFC confrontation before January 1, 2011, it would only then be considered “no action”.

Be sure to read the specific details below each wager when betting on the UFC at Bodog.com so that you are fully aware of the conditions ahead of time. If Sonnen and Silva did not compete as scheduled on August 7, 2010, all bets would be held until the end of 2010. It’s better to know that’s coming than to be caught off guard should the unexpected become a reality.

UFC betting at Bodog includes the following ways to bet on MMA:

  • Money-Line Bets
  • UFC Props

Betting on the UFC at Bodog.com – Money-Line Bets

Money-Line betting on the UFC is just a fancy term for picking the winner of an MMA fight. It’s a straight bet – winner versus loser. When the bettor correctly picks the winner, he/she wins the bet. If not, the bet is lost.

There is no stipulation on how a UFC fighter must win the match, or how soon into the fight. A win is a win, whether it be one round in or the full duration; by unanimous or split decision; by submission or TKO. So long as the chosen fighter gets a mark added to his “win” record, the punter wins the bet.

If the two fighters do not contend, for any reason, it is a “no action” and the bet is returned (unless otherwise stipulated by Bodog.com, as in the case of two fighters meeting up again within a certain time period).

Betting on the UFC at Bodog.com – UFC Proposition Bets

Betting on the UFC at Bodog.com will sometime present opportunities for prop bets, or proposition bets. A proposition bet is a wager on something outside of the ultimate outcome of the UFC match. Instead of saying one fighter will beat another, a prop bets on the UFC might be a bet that the fight will end in round one, or the fight will be called over due to submission (tap out).

There are many ways to place prop bets, as deemed viable by Bodog.com according to the specific match-ups and likelihood of certain scenarios. Note that betting on the UFC at Bodog.com does not always come with propositional bet options.

Betting on the UFC at Bodog

Bodog.com covers all major UFC events with competitive odds, including numerical main events (i.e. UFC 117, UFC 118, UFC 119, etc.) as well as all seasonal UFC Fight Night events. Money-Lines are often made available on all UFC fights up to a year in advance following the advisory of the official Ultimate Fighting Championship schedule.

Odds are subject to change up until the time of the fight should there be some prevailing reason, such as unexpected injury and recovery or other complications to a fighter’s previously expected performance.