NASCAR Betting Sites

Betting on the Race

NASCAR is a favorite sport all across the United States and many of the sports fans like to bet on the sport. Fans like to bet on their favorite driver to win a specific race and online bookmakers and sportsbooks always keep fans of the sport happy by offering special betting options for the sport.

Before you place a bet on the sport of NASCAR, bettors need to understand how betting works. The sport has specific betting options as NASCAR is different from other sports such as football and baseball. Below you will find a betting guide on how to place bets on NASCAR.

Top Nascar Betting Sites



Odds to win the Race Wager

One type of bet for NASCAR is the wager odds to win. This type of bet is a when the bettor selects a driver to win the race and the bet is paid in a money line proposition. An example of this type of bet is if your favorite driver is Jeff Gordon and the bet offered is a $100 odds to win bet on Jeff Gordon to WIN+800 would be a $100 bet to win $800.

Race/Qualifying matchup bets

The Race/Qualifying matchup bet is a wager on one driver versus another driver. The bet is based on the finishing order of one single race. The results of this bet are based on the official results that will be posted at after the race has completed. It is also based on how the race is scored by the officials of NASCAR.

Top finishing Ford/Chevy/Dodge driver

This type of bet is a bet on who the top finishing driver by manufacturer will be. This allows a gambler to shorten the WIN odds and competition by offering good odds; this is compared to a smaller group of competitors.

Manufacturer to win the race bet

The top finishing Ford/Chevy/Dodge driver bet is another bet offered by bookmakers for NASCAR. This type of bet is a wager on which type of manufacturer will win the race. This type of bet is a money line odds bet on whether a Ford, Chevy or Dodge car will finish first in a certain race. Bettors should remember that some manufacturer’s race well at certain tracks so this should be taken into consideration before a bet is placed.

Manufacturer Exacta Betting

This type of wager is a bet on the manufacturer who will have cars finish in the 1st and 2nd place position in a specific order of the race.

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