Betting on Major League Baseball

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Baseball is considered the national pastime of the United States and bookmakers definitely take advantage of the popularity of the sport by offering several ways for fans to place bets on the games. Most every online bookmaker and sportsbook offers betting on Major League Baseball and bettors will find they have many options for placing bets.

Major League Baseball offers unique betting options since the sport is unlike other sports. The bets available have several rules when it comes to betting so fans should know the terminology associated with MLB betting as well as understand how to place bets on the sport. Below is a guide to the different options when it comes to MLB Betting.

Money Line

Bettors placing wagers on MLB games will find that this type of betting does not involve point spreads. Baseball betting involves odds that are shown on a money line. A money line is the odds shown in terms of dollar amounts. Bettors can wager on the favorite or the underdog but if the favorite is wagered on the player will be betting more to win less.


Since the pitcher is a very important part of a MLB game, the odds and the line are mostly based on the starting pitchers that are listed. Bettors will find they have four betting options that are based on the pitchers of the game.

Listed Pitcher- this is when a baseball bet is placed on the game with the listed pitchers and both of the pitchers start the game. A player is considered the starting pitcher if they throw out the first pitch for their team. If one or both of the listed pitchers do not compete in the game then the bet is considered a no action and the money will be refunded into the players account.

Specify Team Pitcher-this type of bet is made when a specific pitcher is named for the starting team that the bettor is wagering on. If the pitcher starts the game then the bet is on.

Team Action- this is the type of bet when a team is bet on with normal action. This bet is good whether the starting pitcher is changed for either team, though the odds may change if the lineup of starting pitchers is changed.

Team Action against the listed pitcher- this is a bet when a wager is placed on a team and this bet is good no matter if the listed pitcher starts with the team or not.


This type of betting refers to the number of runs both teams will score during the game. This type of bet will include extra innings if the game continues past the nine required innings. Both listed pitchers must start the game for the bet to get total action. If one or both pitchers do not start in the game then the bet will be refunded to the bettor.

Run Lines

This type of bet involves a team getting one and a half runs for the underdog. The favorite must lay one and a half runs for the bet to work. If you bet on the favorite then that team must win by two runs. The rules of totals apply to this bet for run lines like the pitchers listed must start the game as well as the game must be completed.

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