Betting on Golf

Betting Sites by League

Golf is one of the most popular sports when it comes to placing bets. Gamblers from around the world like to bet on the various golf tournaments as well as their favorite players. There are tournaments year round for players to choose from. Online sportsbooks offer the best odds and options when it comes to placing golf bets.

Even if you do not know much about the game of golf, placing bets can be easy. Players will find that not only can they bet on the players and tournaments, but they can also place player match bets and 3 ball betting as well.

Below you will find a guide to learning the various types of golf bets.

Golf Betting Markets

Online sportsbooks focus on three major golf betting markets.

Betting on the PGA Tour: The PGA tour is one that consists of over forty tournaments in the US each year. This tour is hosted by the American Professional Golfers Association.

Betting on The Majors: The Majors is a group of the four biggest tournaments of the year in which players from both the European tour and the PGA participate.

Betting on the PGA European Tour: The PGA European Tour is also a main focus of betting sites online and it takes place around the world.

Golf Betting – Outright Bets

Outright betting is the most simplistic of all golf bets. You choose the player you think will win the tournament outright. Then the bettor waits on the result. This type of betting is usually open for months before a major tournament takes place so gamblers can check out the ante-post odds that usually change as the tournament gets closer to starting.

Golf Betting – Player Match Bets

This is a bet that allows players to bet on a hypothetical matchup between two players in a particular tournament. Each player has a set price of specific odds to win the match up and a bettor can choose to bet on one of the players or bet on a draw between the two players. Simply put, you eliminated all other players from the tournament, and only the best outcome between these two players matters.

Golf Betting – Tournament Group Bets

This type of golf bet is just like a Player Math Bet except that you can add an entire group of players to the bet slip, not just two. It is a hypothetical betting situation where only the progress of the chosen players will matter. Your pick to win can actually finish in 3rd place and you still win the bet so long as the 1st and 2nd place finishers are not included in your tournament group bet.

Golf Betting – 3 Ball Bets

3 Ball betting is similar to player match betting. Players will see three golfers matched up for a single round of the game. Bettors can choose to bet on which of the three players they think will get the lowest (best) score on the round.

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