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Ever realize right smack in the middle of a game that you’ve bet on the wrong team? Ever watched an injury occur on the field and wished you’d bet on the game, or worse, that you hadn’t? If you’ve ever missed your shot to bet on the game, only to realize it as you sat and watched in agony, in play betting is for you.

What is In-Play-Betting?

In play betting let’s you make a bet after kickoff in NFL games! Actually it doesn’t even matter what sport you’re looking to bet on, you can bet on the game after it has begun on websites that offer in play betting, like Bet365 for instance! By the way, Bet365 is currently offering a 100% first time better deposit bonus. So you deposit 100, and you have 200 to bet with.

Is Inplay Betting offered on Every Game?

No, however, in play betting is offered during almost all televised events and matches. In fact, many sites like Bet365 offer live streaming of events, and therefore offer in play betting.

Bet365 for instance offers In Play Betting on NFL Games, as well as soccer,tennis and several other markets.

20 InPlay Betting Tennis Markets from Bet365 including:

  • Match Winner
  • Current Set Winner
  • Next Game Winner

30 In Play Betting Soccer Markets at Bet365 such as:

  • Correct Score
  • Next Goal Method
  • Total Corners

In Play Betting Tips

Chasing isn’t Hedging – It’s one thing to hedge your bet with a countering bet, it’s an entirely different thing to use inplay betting as a way to chase your losses. Every successful punter knows that emotions run high during events, and the only thing that comes from chasing losses is more losses.

Bankroll Management – Chances are you knew before the game started how much you were going to bet. Stick to that number. If you’re planning to make allowances for in play betting, add in-play-bets into your budget before the kickoff.

Get the biggest Bang for your buck!
Sites like Betfair are constantly offering new better deposit bonuses, and special in-play-betting bonuses, Betfair’s current offer is a 200 sign up bonus . The best bet to make is always one made with house money. Don’t get stuck in a rut just because you’re comfortable with your current book, get the most bang for your in play bets!

In-Play Betting Ex-Changes

Betfair and Betdaq are both betting exchanges offering punters the ability to bet against other punters, during the game instead of betting against the house.  Betting during the game, while emotions are high offers betters a unique opportunity to get better odds, take advantage of situations, and cut the house out of the equation.



In Play betting in the US


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