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Norman Asbjornson  was given  POST 2 in the 2011 Preakness Stakes. This horse hasn’t as of yet won any  stakes race, so thus far, he hasn’t been able to demonstrate that he’s even moderately competitive in comparison to some of the better members of his generation.

Norman Asbjornson’s most effective running style thus farhas been getting to the  right side with an early lead in slow-paced routes. Norman Asbjornson will likely meet a much stronger pace scenario in the 2011 Preakness, which suggests he will have to come from off the pace.

He has not yet shown that he can sustain a closing rally.

He would have to manage an unforeseen major breakthrough to win, but he wouldn’t be the worst bomber to throw in underneath in trifectas and supers if his online betting site odds stay around 30-1.

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