Weather Conditions Could affect the Sun Bowl


During the New Year, the world of sports betting becomes increasingly exciting. As the top ranked college football teams will battle each other for: respect and dominance in the different bowl games. This year’s the Sun Bowl is seeing Notre Dame take on the University of Miami. As the Fighting Irish are three point favorites against the Hurricanes.

However, these odds may be conservative, as weather related conditions are going to make playing the game more challenging. What happened was El Paso, Texas (the location of the Sun Bowl); was covered with two inches of ice and snow overnight. Crews have been working around the clock to remove the snow and ice from the field. However, weather conditions are expected remain near freezing at kickoff. This means that the field will be slippery from the removal of the ice and snow. At the same time, the temperature will make playing the game challenging, as both teams will feel cold and wet from the conditions on the field.

Given the extreme circumstances, the three point line favoring Notre Dame could be low. The reason why is because the Fighting Irish are used to playing in adverse weather conditions at South Bend. While the Hurricanes, are used to playing in warmer climates, which could have an effect on their performance. Evidence of this can be seen with Miami starting quarterback Jacory Harris, saying that he has never played a game in snowy conditions before. At the same time, Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Reese has the possibility of breaking the game wide open. As he is 3 and 0, after taking over for starter Dayne Crist, who suffered a season ending injury on October 30th.

When you step back and analyze the situation, it is clear that this game will be decided, based upon the underlying weather conditions. Since Reese and the Fighting Irish are use to such circumstances, the odds are high that this game could easily run away from the Hurricanes. As they are unable to cope with the extreme weather conditions, which will make running their offense and defending Notre Dame’s numerous weapons more challenging.

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