Clash of the Might-ans


No one really expected the Kansas City Chiefs to win against the San Diego Chargers on Monday night. No one ever really expects the Cleveland Browns to win anymore unless they’re playing the Detroit Lions or senior citizens. These facts make their game of low expectations an interesting Sunday match-up.

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The Chiefs had a statistically porous defense against the Chargers, surrendering 109 rushing yards and 280 passing yards, figures that compared badly to the rest of the league. However, they still managed to hold the usually potent Chargers offense to only two touchdowns.

The Chief’s offense was similarly haphazard. While they only gained 68 yards through the year, second worst in the league in week 1, they racked up 135 yards in the ground game to compensate. For the time being, the Chiefs, against all odds and statistics, sit at the top of the AFC West.

The news is decidedly more mixed for the Browns. While the held the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to 17 points, their offense couldn’t manage to scrape up enough to top them. A worrying sign is the performance of Jake Delhomme, who seems to have kept his penchant for interceptions from his latter days in Carolina, throwing two against Tampa Bay. Their two-headed running attack shows limited promise, with Jerome Harrison and Peyton Hillis combining for 91 yards on 18 carries. But, it seems they’ll need greater and more consistent production from one or the other, and probably both, in order to save Eric Mangini’s job.

It’s just as hard to predict a game where there are two mediocre-to-bad teams as it is to call one between two good ones. However, the fact remains that the Chiefs have a win under their belt and the Browns don’t. It doesn’t seem likely that Chief’s QB Matt Cassel will repeat his 10-22 performance and the Browns defense should offer him plenty of opportunities to throw the ball.

The Chiefs have a narrow 10-9-2 lead in the all-time series between the two teams and I’d predict that they’re good enough to extend that lead to 11-9-2, in fact, I won’t just predict it, I’m takin’ my ass to Bodog to put some money on it. It’ll be tough for the Chiefs heading to Cleveland, but they’re just good enough to pull out the 21-10 victory.

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One Response to “Clash of the Might-ans”

  • Coach James says:

    Dorothy and her little munchkin’s in munchkin-land must be smiling because the Kansas City Chiefs dumped a big fat bucket of water on the Wicked San Diego Chargers and the KC defense melted the bolts to the possible realization that the San Diego Chargers are not as shocking as they once were. Losing a division game is bad enough but losing to a team who is rebuilding; that is just plain embarrassing.

    The only good that happened to San Diego is they did not get struck by lighting. They did get spearheaded. The Chiefs may be for real and can cause some issues within the AFC if they play like that 10 games especially against a vulnerable Denver and Oakland team.

    In week two they will face the Cleveland Browns It’s going to be a touch choice, but personally… I’m taking Kansas City by 6.