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Randy Couture – MMA Stats

Matches: 28
Wins: 18
Losses: 10

Wins by Knockout: 7
Wins by Submission: 3
Wins by Decision: 8

Losses by Knockout: 5
Losses by Submission: 4
Losses by Decision: 1

Randy Couture – Three Time UFC HeavyWeight Champion

Randy Duane Couture is perhaps the most famous of all MMA / UFC fighters in the world. Born June 22, 1963, Randy Couture is of Greco-Roman decent. He is the 3x former UFC Heavyweight Champion and 2x former Light-Heavyweight Champion.

In terms of UFC fighting records, Randy Couture holds quite a few of them. Couture is the only 5x UFC champion and one of just two fighters to ever hold a UFC championship in two separate divisions. He posses the record for the most title fights in the UFC with 15. In June of 2006, Randy Couture became the fourth fighter ever inducted to the UFC Hall of Fame, after which he claimed the record as only UFC fighter to win a championship after being inducted. He is also the oldest title holder spanning the entire sports of UFC and MMA.

Couture Wins the State Wrestling Champ at LynnWood High School in Lynnwood Washington

After a stunning wrestling tenure that ended with a State Championship in his senior year at Lynnwood High School in Lynnwood, Washington. He then served 6 years in the army from 1982-88. From 1988 to 1996, he was a 3x US Olympic Wrestling Team alternate, but never competed, instead claiming his fame at Oklahoma State University. Just as Couture was accepting the idea that he would spend his life as a wrestling coach, he watched a UFC event video and his life took a whole new turn as a mixed martial arts fighter.

Randy Couture debuted at UFC 13 in the summer of 1997 winning a 4way heavyweight tournament in which he defeated Tony Halme (WWE’s “Ludvig Borga”) by submission in under a minute, and Steven “3D” Graham by TKO at 3:13 in the first round.

Couture Overtakes Vito Belfort!

Couture’s next fight would be one of the biggest upsets in the history of MMA. It was a fight to see who would contend for the heavyweight belt, between Randy Couture and Vitor Belfort. An absolute underdog coming in, Randy made his name that day at UFC 15, exhausting the powerful Belfort and taking the win in just over 8 minutes.

Thus came the opportunity Randy Couture had been waiting for – the UFC Heavyweight Championship title fight against Maurice Smith. It was a long, calculated battle that really offered no advantage to either fighter except that Couture scored numerous takedowns throughout the 21 minute match. Couture was announced the winner by majority decision, and the title was his.

Couture Breaches UFC Contract, Signs with Vale Tudo Japan

The UFC asked Couture to defend the championship against Bas Rutten (former King of Pancrase), but Randy had other ideas. He signed on with Vale Tudo Japan, breeching contract with the UFC and resulting in his belt being stripped.

Couture Bombs in Japan

Randy Couture wasn’t quite the same fighter in Japan that he had been with the UFC. His first two fights were both losses, submitting at just 1:39 into round one versus Enson Inoue, and again midway through the second round against Mikhail Illoukhine. The second loss was highly controversial and most believed a mistake by the referee that ended the match.

Couture Makes a Run at the 2000 Olympics

At this point, Randy decided to take a short break from MMA to focus on a shot in the 2000 Olympics. He finished as a semifinalist in the Olympic trials, and his summer dreams were dashed.

Heading back to the MMA ring in October of 2000, Couture took down rounds 1 and 2 of the King of Kings tournament in Tokyo, Japan. Then in November he reclaimed his UFC Heavyweight Championship belt against Kevin Randleman by TKO. On February 24, 2001, Randy took on two bouts in the same day at the KoK quarter- and semi-finals. He won the quarterfinals against Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, but lost the semifinal match against Valentijn Overeem.

He spent the rest of 2001 defending his UFC Heavyweight title against Pedro Rizzo, not once, but twice. The first was by unanimous decision at UFC 31, but close enough to warrant a rematch at UFC 34 where Randy Couture won by TKO (strikes).

The glory didn’t last as Couture lost the title to Josh Barnett in March of 2002 at UFC 36, but a post-fight test revealed anabolic steroids in Barnett’s steroids and the title was stripped. Randy Couture was given a chance to reclaim the vacant title in a fight against Ricco Rodriguez at UFC 39. A broken orbital bone in the 5th round forced Randy to tap out, and Rodriguez was awarded the title.

Couture Loses 205Lbs, Moves to Light-Heavyweight Division

Randy Couture felt it was time for a change, dropping to 205 lbs to compete in the Light-Heavyweight division of the UFC. His first bout was against Chuck Liddell for the interim light-heavyweight championship. Randy ended up winning the fight by TKO in the third. This earned Couture his nickname “Captain America”, having gained title in two UFC weight classes.

At 40 years of age, Randy Couture was to face off in a champion vs. champion match with Tito Ortiz, 5x defender of the UFC Light-Heavyweight Title. Tito held the real belt, while Couture was just the interim champion. This would settle the dispute for once and for all. Couture would defeat Ortiz by unanimous decision, becomes the official, undisputed champion.

He successfully defended his title up until April of 2005 when a rematch with Chuck Liddell didn’t go quite as planned for Couture. A near miss swing from Liddell grazed Randy’s eye and the glove caused serious enough damage for doctor’s to call it over. Liddell won by medical decision. A rematch with Liddell for the title occurred in 2006 at UFC57, but Liddell would outfight Couture once again.

Randy Couture announced retirement immediately after the fight and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in June of the same year.

Over the next year, Couture spent his time making guest appearances on television shows like Pros VS Joes, The Unit and Human Weapon. He also played the role of commentator in the UFC and did a little wrestling on the side.

Randy Couture Returns to the UFC Heavyweight Arena

In January of 2007, randy announced he would be returning to the sport to reclaim the UFC heavyweight title. At 43, Randy Couture defeated Tim Sylvia at UFC 68 by unanimous decision, earning his third heavyweight UFC title. The first punch sent Sylvia into a mental whirlwind at just 0:08 into the first round, and Couture stayed on top for the rest of the 5-round match.

Randy Coture Vs Gabriel Gonzaga

Couture defended his title against Gabriel Gonzaga, but suffered a broken arm in the process. By the time his arm was out of a splint, his problems had multiplied with a legal battle between Randy and the UFC. Couture wanted to quit fighting with two bouts remaining on his contract and Dana White wasn’t too happy about it, though he did let couture keep his belt.

Couture Suffers TKO at the hands of Brock Lesnar

In the end, Randy would return to the UFC once more in September of 2008, now 45 years old. He faced Brock Lesnar to defend his UFC Heavyweight Championship, but lost by TKO strikes in the second round. Couture blamed his performance, not his age, for the loss and vowed to continue. He fought Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 102 and again suffered a loss, this time by unanimous decision.

He dropped back down to the light-heavyweight division where he dominated Brandon Vera at UFC 105 to become the oldest fighter to win a UFC match at age 46. Another record was set when two UFC Hall of Famers met for the first time ever in the octagon. Couture fought Mark Coleman at UFC 109, winning by rear naked choke submission in the second round.

Randy Set to Face James Toney

Randy Couture is now 47 years old, scheduled to take on James “Lights Out” Toney at UFC 118 on August 18, 2010. Toney is a former professional boxer (record 72-6-3) making his MMA/UFC debut against Couture.

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